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Join us for Aquarian Sadhana!

First Saturday of the Month


The stillness of the 'amrit vela' two hours before dawn is the perfect time to come together for group practice. 

Includes recitation/reading of the Japji Sahib, a kriya, the Aquarian mantras and a spiritual reading for the day (hukam). This practice is 2 1/2 hours long and is more devotional than a normal kundalini yoga class. Please bring a scarf or head covering for the Japji and Aquarian mantras.

Followed by a cup of tea and on your way by 8am!

£5 donation to charity

Please book by text or use the contact form on this website so we know you're coming. 

Next Sadhana dates:

Please get in touch if you're keen!  We would love to run these early Saturday mornings if there is interest. 


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