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Therapeutic Healing with Gongs

It is said that the gong vibrates with the sound of creation... the great OM of the Infinite.
Mary Ann is blessed and honoured to work with these extraordinary healing instruments and as a channel of  life force energy: 
Always coming from Love and for the highest good of All. 

Transformative vibrations from a selection of gongs meet the powerful energetic flow of hands on healing! 


Come float on a bed of feathers for a unique experience that gently restores your inner harmony, balance and body's own ability to heal itself. 

After an initial chat, we begin with a gong to still the mind and bring you into a deeply relaxed state.  Augmenting the gong's powerful healing, Mary Ann's hands will then work from the feet through the length of the body to the crown, seeking out energetic blockages in the nadis and chakras.

Once the clearing is complete, a second gong brings in a joyous vibrant energy, sending you back into the world rested and energised. 

Appox 60+ minutes


Please wear loose fitting clothes, ideally cotton or other natural fibres. 

To book please contact Mary Ann directly on 07962 082119.

"As one of Mary Ann's kundalini students I recently decided to attend a gong healing session.  I have a few minor physical pains but am currently working on some unresolved trauma through therapy. I did not know what to expect, but it was a profoundly beautiful and magical experience. The combination of gongs, gentle music, and, of course, the hands on healing, transported me to a different place. I felt Mary Ann created a space where I was held and nurtured. I felt a deep calm afterwards which stayed with me for days. I would highly recommend Mary Ann for healing and kundalini yoga."
-- B.R., Sevenoaks

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