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Humanity is moving through one of its greatest shifts of the Ages. November 1991 marked the cusp of the last step in the shift from the Piscean Age into the Aquarian Age. Yogi Bhajan, in an address to the United Nations in 2000 described the Piscean Age as "the ugliest age", embodying as it did a patriarchal hierarchal consciousness which rejected the feminine and disempowered the individual. The inevitable consequence of such a fragmented, mechanistic and layered society was separation, competition and war. The rejection of the feminine actually emasculated the men of that epoch, and potency was expressed through the power of destruction and control, demonstrated most obviously by the nation states and religion.  


The Piscean Age created a culture of dependency where fulfilment was derived externally, through consumption, comparison and sexual obsession. One of the most destructive aspects of this level of thinking was that  God was somehow separate to man, a product of hierarchal masculine religions.


As humanity shifts into the Aquarian Age characterised as it is by awareness, information and energy, the structures and control of institutions and societies formed around Piscean consciousness are at best losing relevance and most likely failing altogether. Those wed to the culture of dependency, looking to government, religion and other external reference points are going to find their world increasingly unstable.


Piscean energy sought power through control of information but in the Aquarian Age there will be no secrets as information flows freely. This presents new challenges as the task is no longer to find information, more a case of using information wisely and acting with integrity from both the mind and the heart. With the free flow of information the connectedness of everything gives greater realisation of the consequences of every action and choice.


This shift is going to create a general instability and individual stress as old reference points and solutions fail, and higher levels of conduct are required. Kundalini Yoga provides the technology and tools which encourage an inner education in wisdom, self control, intuition and the use of the neutral mind. Providing stamina under stress, clarity of values for decisions, and a new base for identity, Kundalini Yoga cultivates the awareness which allows conscious control of mind, brain and states of consciousness, necessary to provide points of stability in an unstable world. The technologies taught in Kundalini Yoga strengthen the nervous system and encourage conscious self responsibility will be essential in these times. The emergence of Kundalini Yoga in the present time is in itself and actually evidence of this shift and our ability to navigate smoothly through it.

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