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The Collective is Zooming!

With the beginning of Lockdown on March 23rd, our activity moved online through Zoom.  Since then we have continued to offer a daily 6:30am sadhana to keep everyone fit and connected. Classes also went online with Zoom, and we now offer the option of LIVE or on Zoom for our Friday morning and Sunday evening classes. Tuesday class is only LIVE due to lack of wifi at the hall.   Please submit a Contact Us form if you'd like to join in the fun. 


Here's what some of our beautiful students share about the daily practice of Kriya for Disease Resistance all together for more than 120 days:

"Doing 6.30am daily sadhana practice has been truly game changing for me during the Covid lockdown. It has been an anchor in the storm and a consistent presence and source of reassurance when things became rocky. The sense of friendship and community within the group have been vital and the group support has been so uplifting, reminding me that we really do find strength in one another. I could not have got up every day at 6.30 to do sadhana alone! Not even for 2 or 3 days, let alone 120......and counting! Physically I am now so much stronger and energetically I feel I have made a huge leap forward. It has built my resilience, my confidence, my ability to stay calm under stress and my sense of belonging to a whole. It’s been a real gift and I can’t thank our incredible and generous teachers enough  for it."       --  Tracey


"Lockdown Sadhana - a word creation which only emerged in March 2020 into our vocabulary - and what a transformation this has been! If someone had told me that I would voluntarily get up for 6.30 am to embark on an hour of yogic exercises almost EVERY day since March, I would have bet everything I have against that...
But here I am, 7 months later and still looking forward to seeing my fellow yogis on a zoom screen. If someone had told me that I would find holding triangle pose for 5 min to become my favourite exercise I would declare this an impossible mission but yet, here I am... The effects these routines had on my previously stiff, aching, inflexible body are incredible - not any other form of exercise has achieved similar results....A HUGE Thank you from the bottom of my heart to the absolute wonderful team of SKYC who made this happen and gave up their time to pull us through:

Mary Ann, pulling it all together, embracing new technology in no time and always encouraging and nudging us to not give up and explore our limits, zooming in with us wherever she might have been in this world. Always full of insights and knowledge!

Lisa, who taught me proper breathing and came up with the most wonderful virtual yogic journeys To Australia and Africa, accompanied with fitting music.

Bill, who makes the hour always fun, yet challenging and who is full of inspiring resources and thought-provoking ideas.

Susan, with her calming voice always puts me in a state of bliss and ultimate relaxation.


It is the combination of these different elements and characters which really made it work for me. Thank you again and thank you also to my fellow yogis, whose lovely smiles and cheery comments make every second worthwhile!"   --  Petra

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